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So you want to be a headshot photographer (what... can't get a real job?). I say this because the top key phrases that brings people to my site are: Headshot examples, how to photograph a headshot and lighting for headshots. I've gone and searched this myself and come up with an amazing array of... Well... Let's call it crap.Let us start with the fact that the entertainment industry and all that surrounds it is fickle. What is "in and cool" one day is passé, dated and downright gauche the next. This being the case, what comprises a killer headshot one day is run of the mill the next. The only way to stand out is to have something unique about every headshot... Something as unique as the subject. Photography is an art as well as a science, the science is what it is but what we will focus on here is the art. There are an infinite number of ways to approach the subject... Really as many ways as people are individuals. Keeping in mind that there just isn't one right way to shoot a headshot, (and if you did happen to find that "one right way" today it would be useless tomorrow because of the changing whims of the industry) about the only universal thing accepted is that (for the time being) Black and White is out and Color is in. Here I am going to cover just a few ways that I shoot actors and entertainers headshots here. Model Lighting is broad and quite flat. This was shot using a 7' Octagonal light bank.  This is the type of studio lighting I will most often use for children and youth actors or models with very even facial features. Focal length is 85mm at f/8. The Light bank is directly at the photographer's back the subject is approximately 6 feet from the lens.While still a Broad light this setup accentuates the facial features and allows you to light the closed side of the face evening up facial features. Focal length is 85mm at f/8. The Light bank is set at 45° to the subject, a kicker is set at 90° and a hair light from behind and above. The subject is approximately 8 feet from the lens.Spot Grids and barn doors allow for a more sublime light to strongly emphasize the facial features. The light on the open side of the face is set to greatly over power the opposite side. The hair light is nearly directly above. Focus is held tight at the eyes using depth of field to fall off at the ears. Focal length is 105mm f/8. Don't even think of shooting these anymore. Film Noir is cool... But totally passé.
Natural Light is pretty much the best thing since "Let there be light". But like all God's creations nearly impossible to control. This was shot at about 3 in the afternoon putting the sun at about a 45° angle through a window in my apartment. This was shot at a 50mm focal length at f/1.8 from about 1 meter away.
Natural Light is pretty much the preferred way to shoot headshots today. The Image in this articles header was shot on my porch in the early afternoon. The catch light in the eyes is reflected from the wall of the building next door.As you can see in the top image of this article this is an effective way to really light the eyes.Born in Vancouver, Canada, 1949Johnen Gallery, ‘Rodney Graham: Canadian Humourist’, Berlin, GermanyVancouver Art Gallery, ‘Rodney Graham. Canadian Humourist’, Vancouver BC
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Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing
Models Posing

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